Angel Of The Month A Mike Indursky


Mike has a long and successful career within the beauty industry. Working on governmental regulation in cosmetics, contributing to the success behind Burt's Bees and being the CEO of Bliss you can say he’s influential in this $532 billion dollar industry. He could have carried on to work for more companies with high profile titles although he walked away from it all to to finally create something of his own. He needed his truth to be told by learning from the mistakes within the beauty industry by creating  Hear Me Raw Beauty which is effective, non-toxic and sustainable. Learn more about Mike’s raw truth about what needs to change in cosmetic industry and his philosophy of halving for a more sustainable way of living. 

I just felt like after being in this crazy business in beauty and fashion for 30 years, we're still selling women stuff that shouldn't go on their face...most of these products are not sustainable, the prices are too high and they promise big results yet produce so little and it's needs stop. 


Starting your own business is like building a house, it always takes you twice as long. It costs you twice as much and gives you twice as many headaches as you think. In the end, it's all worthwhile because this project has been a passion project for me. I didn't need to do this I could have become CEO of any of the other companies like I've been before. I just felt like after being in this crazy business in beauty and fashion for 30 years, we're still selling women stuff that shouldn't go on their face. In fact, most of these products are not sustainable, the prices are too high and they promise big results yet produce little results and it needs stop. Hear me Raw is my project. This is my way to try to help. I self-funded this and I address the problems within the beauty industry as often as I can and I just believe in it. 

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The reason why we chose the name “Hear Me Raw” is that we talk about the raw truth.The ethos our brand is what we call instead of the art of war we call the art of raw. The Art of raw materials, plus raw truth and raw love. We have a very powerful credo that steers us as a company. So we'll know if it's right or not because if it doesn't fit all those check all those boxes, you can't launch it.


The three R's of sustainability is reduce, reuse, recycle hence, we do it in that order. The first is to reduce. Each of our products is a multi-use product, it's either has multiple uses and functions for the skin. You don't need a 16 step Korean skincare regimen, you can have two high performing products that address your skin concerns, is highly effective and in turn, reduces the amount of waste you carry in your beauty routine. Reuse comes down to our packaging. All those plastic jars of skincare you throw away end up right into a landfill. When you buy a product from us you initially buy the glass jar and the mask. Instead of having to throw the jar away to purchase a new one, you can simply purchase our refill mask pods which are easily inserted back into the jar. Even though obviously creates lower sales for us I'm much happier about this because of how it reduces waste. Lastly, all the refillable pods you purchase are from recycled plastic. 

 The Brightener

The Brightener is either a 10-minute chemical exfoliation mask or a daily exfoliating cleanser. They do an amazing job at improving overall skin tone, sun damage, acne scars by using acids to promote skin cell turnover. We made sure to also back the Brighter with hydrating and calming ingredients to not irritate the skin. 

The lactic acid, phytic acid, and bakuchiol help increase cell turnover to improve skin tone, texture and sun damage. To bring nourishment and calmness to the skin we’ve added Chlorophyll, matcha, and spirulina just to name a few, which are all inflammatory and high in antioxidants. 

The Detoxifier

The Detoxifier can be used as a daily physical exfoliant or deep de congested mask. This mask is great at absorbing impurities while leaving your skin hydrated and balanced. What I love about the detoxifier is that it doesn’t leave your skin super tight or flakey as conventional charcoal detox masks. 

Kaolin, Alaria Esculenta Algae Extract, and Chinese Ginseng are going to provide a deep detoxification to the skin by absorbing all of the day’s build-up whether that environmental stressors, excess oil, impurities, etc. To make sure your skin is still nourished we also put in Irish Moss to aid in elasticity and radiance. We also use jojoba beads to provide light physical exfoliation and aid in regulating oil control. 

The Biggest Issue In The Beauty Industry 

I think the choice of whether a person wants to use synthetic ingredients is up to them. You know do what makes you happy. I think I'd like people to see and understand that natural is in my estimation better than synthetic. Interestingly, we did a survey found that 87% of women said they would use a natural product if it worked as if they thought it worked as well as a synthetic. So, we just need to close that gap. 

What I do think needs to happen in 10 years is the sustainability of products has to change. The large companies and corporations but large companies have the resources to make the changes and they have the money, they just need to make it a priority. 

What a person puts on their skin is their choice but the packaging that you are throwing away affects the environment. It goes beyond the person. So that has to be taken into account by manufacturers. Governmentally I think there needs to be regulations on any product that's made such as how it was made and how it gets disposed. Even if our products as of right now are the most sustainable outcome, we're always gonna look for alternatives. You always look for ways to lessen the environmental footprint. At Burt's Bees they follow the triple bottom line, which is at people, planet and profit is better than profit alone and it is true. 

It's interesting to see all these different organizations at war with each other forgetting the greater good. We have to find a solution that works for everybody because no one's going to want to have 34 different types of certifications and packaging on their products. What I would encourage people to do is really read the labels and ingredients and decide for themselves. Just because it's natural doesn't mean it works and it doesn't mean it’s sustainable.


I have this philosophy called Halving. I came up with this about 10 years ago and the idea is that if you make conscious decisions about where you want to be, what you buy and travel and literally cut those in half, you can improve your health, your wealth, and the world around you. 

One example is, you if you go on Google Maps, if I'm going from, let's say here (RED PR Agency) to my apartment. Right. They'll (Google maps) show me walking time, car time and show me public transportation. What Goop won’t tell me is the cost, the carbon footprint nor the difference in calories. Although, adding those factors into the equation might change your decision making. It would take me 20 minutes to walk which would cost me no money, no carbon footprint opportunity and have me burning more calories. That's a much better option than a 10 minute cab ride for $15 which gives you a greater carbon footprint. 

My mother's English and grew up in London during World War Two and I feel like she would only ever go food shopping for the day. She would buy what you were going to make that night so she wouldn’t have to deal with leftovers which would spoil. That’s halving your grocery shopping budget and saving half the waste. 

It’s amazing how much you throw away, especially food. I used to buy a bag of peppers and only use a third of it and throw out the rest. They are cheaper to get in that big bag then get a smaller portion although getting the smaller portion means less waste of food and money in the trash. At first you go through these calculations in your mind although once after you do this for a while, it becomes second nature.

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A special thanks to Julia from RED PR and Mike for making this interview possible. I greatly appreciate you both for letting me share your wonderful products, values and strong sense of self for our readers.