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Ask Unclouded : Should I Give Up My Morning Coffee? 

Dear Unclouded, I don’t want to give up my morning coffee but I’m worried about what it's doing to my skin. I’ve read countless posts about how the only way to achieve glowing skin is by sticking to water and water only although coffee is essential  to me. It is something I desperately need in my morning routine to start my day. Any advice? - Morgan

Dear Morgan, there is no shame in having a cup of coffee to kick start your day. I enjoy coffee and find I can’t start my day without it. I find that it affects me in a positive way, but everyone is different.

Caffeine is a known diuretic that can send your bladder into overdrive. Many people become worried about dehydration although your cup of coffee is a mild diuretic at most. 


There’s an easy solution - stay hydrated.

Coffee is highly acidic and is linked to an increase in the body’s natural stress response. When the stress hormone cortisol gets released it causes your body to pump out insulin which results in an overproduction of oils and increase to your body’s inflammation levels. 

To combat the effects of dehydration we recommend The Beauty Chef Hydration Inner Beauty Boost as it contains electrolytes  and probiotics which is not only beneficial  for your gut and hydration levels but also makes for a delicious drink.   

Some of the negative effects you see aren't from the coffee itself, it’s what’s added. 

Dairy and sugar are to very common ingredients to add to coffee. Dairy and sugar both cause inflammation which leads to excess sebum that results in clogged pores and acne.  There are lots of dairy free alternatives to explore as well as non-refined sugar. I recommend using oat milk as it is still creamy in taste and maple syrup since a little goes along way and takes no time to mix into your cup of coffee. If you want to opt out of coffee entirely from your routine there are many caffeine alternatives. 

Our team's favourite alternative to a cup of coffee is a Matcha Latte. You see people everywhere with that gorgeous green drink but what exactly is it? Matcha is derived from finely ground green tea leaves. Since Matcha uses the entire green tea leaf it is  rich in antioxidants called polyphenols. Polyphenols have been tied to help reduce the risk of cancer , better blood sugar regulation and anti aging - just to name a few amazing benefits. 

As for Matcha's caffeine dosage - it is comparable to a cup of brewed coffee or 3x the amount of caffeine in steeped tea. The best part about Matcha is that you can incorporate it into almost every meal and/or drink so it can fit into anyone's routine. 

Our favorite Matcha powder is the CHALAIT Ceremonial Matcha as its both sweet and earthy while blending seamless to any hot or cold drink. As all the leaves are carefully handpicked and sourced from  Japan, this Matcha is guaranteed to be top grade. 

Whether it's incorporating more hydration, altering your cup of coffee or finding a new way to get your daily dose of caffeine it's important to remember to not stress about eliminating something you love . Listen to your body because it know's what is best for your happiness and health.


Lily xo