The Best At-Home Workouts

We are currently facing overwhelming factors in our life that we have no control over, and when escaping to a party at SoulCycle or a bootcamp at Barry’s is not an option creating a space to break a sweat at home is the next best thing. I have created a list of my favourite workouts, they range in intensities and there is something for everyone! I hope you enjoy and find something that excites you.

Yoga and Pilate Lovers

Trust me when I say I have tried a lot of yoga classes but nothing compares to Melissa Wood Health. She has videos that work on every part of your body but what I love most is the way I feel after a practice. I never leave without feeling positive about the day that lies ahead.

Dance it out

Megan Roup, creator of The Sculpt Society takes hard work and makes it fun! Her dance cardio and sculpting workouts cause time to fly by. These are the perfect classes if you love an upbeat dance party that gives you results.


When the treadmill gets boring and you are short on time Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide is the workout to get your heartrate up and your sweat on. Each workout is 28 minutes long and very effective. For those who love High Intensity Training, Kayla’s BBG is your challenge. You can sign up for Kayla's classes on Sweat.

for those Who Miss the Spin Studio

When tap backs feel like throwbacks there is still a way to get your spin on! Peloton bikes are an amazing way to bring the spin studio home. They offer a wide range of classes that are suitable for all!

You want it all!

LEKFIT, created by former professional dancer Lauren E. Kelban incorporated low impact, high intensity and fat-burning cardio all into one class. You can stream her technical and effective workouts from your own home. She has three class styles BOOST, HYPE, and DEFINE that cater to what you want out of a workout.