Your Guide to a Happy Detox with Clean Deodorant

It's best to end toxic relationships... 


So you dumped your aluminium filled anti perspirant and are now planning to switch to a clean alternative (and we are so proud). Aluminium not only prevents you from sweating, it clogs the lymph nodes in your armpits and breasts which can cause breast cancer. Skincare is designed to penetrate our skin, the same goes for aluminium deodorants, although absorbing aluminium in the skin affects the blood-brain barrier and is linked to Alzheimer's disease. Is it worth it to switch from conventional to clean deodorant?  YES. Plain and simple. We know changing deodorant (especially one with a whole new formula) can bring up trust issues so we’ve mapped out what to expect on your detox journey.

Phase 1: I am sweating a LOT

Your body is finally allowing itself to sweat after being neglected for years and you obviously hate it. This period is all about your toxins being released. Although this phase is counterintuitive to the whole purpose wearing antiperspirant in the first place, the sweat-detox phase is crucial. Depending on your genetics you may have minimal sweat or feel wet all the time. What you can do to help get over this period is promoting yourself to sweat even more to look forward to better and dryer days. We recommend working out and taking a hot detoxifying bath to help you get rid of the nasties as fast as you can. 

Our Pick

The Goop G.Tox 5 Salt Bath Soak is an essential to any detox. Their superstar products in this heavenly bath soak are Marine Clay and Charcoal. Both these ingredients attract positively charged toxins and draw out impurities to quickly help transition your pits to stay dry and beautiful. 

How To Use Me Pour a cup of me into your steamy bath water. Get naked and experience the perfect detox. Wind down and treat yourself, you deserve it babe. I last about 20 mins too, more than your average bath soak ;) 


Phase 2: Do I smell funny?

Your underarms were once being suffocated to help you stop sweating without your body naturally regulating itself. You’ll experience a funny odour due to increased levels of odour-causing bacteria although you can minimize this by using the Kaia Naturals Under Arm Bar before applying your deodorant to save yourself from the stinks. Again, most factors depend on the person, usually the odour is something you can personally smell but others can’t so don’t worry- this period won’t leave you projecting odour from miles away and won't last too long.

Our Pick

The apple cider vinegar and charcoal in Kaia Naturals Under Arm Bar is specifically designed to help you fight the typical odour you experience during your transition. Apple cider vinegar acts as an antibiotic against odour causing bacteria while the porous nature of charcoal helps with the uptake of bacteria from your armpits. 

How to use me: The best way to use me is in the shower. Lather me up and apply me under your armpits and wash me off after 30 seconds. You'll notice how much better your clean deodorant works - oh and you're welcome angel. 


Phase 3: It’s working!

Ah, wasn’t all of this worth it? In this final phase you’ll notice you don’t sweat as much as you did during your antiperspirant days. The odour is gone and you feel safe to throw your arms up in the air and celebrate giving your underarms the love they always deserved. We’re proud of you babe for committing yourself to practicing healthy hygiene. Cheers!